Fix for Tesla Window Squeeze Bug delivered! The automaker will fix the issue by means of OTA update

The electric vehicle goliath will before long fix Tesla’s most recent pummeling window bug.

While the framework issue just requires an OTA programming update, the automaker still can’t seem to review the impacted models.

This isn’t whenever Tesla first has made an enormous EV review over a straightforward programming issue.

By 2021, automakers are reviewing in excess of 800,000 electric vehicles because of safety belt advance notice issues.

This issue just influences Tesla safety belt updates, which don’t show up under particular conditions.

Fix for Tesla Window Squeeze Bug delivered!

As indicated by Electrek’s most recent report, the most recent OTA update to fix Tesla’s window cutting issue is presently being carried out by the automaker.

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In any case, PCMag reports that Tesla still can’t seem to collect in excess of 1,000,000 EVs.

Impacted models incorporate the 2021-2022 Model S and Model X, as well as the 2020-2022 Model Y and 2017-2022 Model 3.

Another over-the-air programming patch intends to work on the adjustment of Tesla’s auto-rewind window framework.

This guarantees that the way of behaving of the framework follows the Government Engine Vehicle Security Principles.

Is Tesla’s stuck window issue serious?

At press time, the automaker said it had not recorded any wounds, vehicle mishaps or passings connected with the squeezed window issue.

Nonetheless, on the grounds that the issue implied Tesla’s electric vehicles didn’t meet the necessities of the Government Engine Vehicle Wellbeing Principles, the impacted electric vehicles must be reviewed.

“The programmed window roller framework may not answer as expected in the wake of distinguishing an obstruction. Thus, this vehicle doesn’t meet the prerequisites of Government Engine Vehicle Security Standard Number 118, Electric Window Frameworks,” said NHTSA.

Elsewhere in the world, a Tesla battery is associated with causing a fire at the Elkhorn battery ranch.

We additionally as of late detailed that the Tesla Giga Texas development is just around the corner.

For additional news on Tesla and other significant electric vehicle producers, visit TechTimes here.

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