Here’s why you should consult a Podiatrist in Montreal

Foot injury, infection, and other related disorders are some of the most common health issues in people. While some of the complications disappear after a certain period of time, some can take a particularly long time. Individuals might develop more serious conditions like cancer if they don’t seek medical attention for chronic cases. You might end up suffering later on if you don’t get proper medication. So, if you want to get the best treatment for foot health issues, you should definitely visit a Podiatrist in Montreal and get a Bilan de Sante done. Read on to find out who they are, why you might need one in the future, and other helpful information. 

What is a Podiatrist?

A Podiatrist in Montreal is a doctor who specializes in treating problems related to the ankles, feet, and lower legs. They can also perform treatment of the lower limbs, reduce pain, and also speed up the healing process post-injury or surgery. These medical professionals can give prescriptions, refer you for physical therapy, and even perform surgeries. They can also assist other health professionals in treating certain health issues. 

How does a Podiatrist make a diagnosis? 

The first step of Bilan de Sante typically involves analyzing the individual’s medical history and symptoms. Then, the Podiatrist in Montreal performs a physical examination of the foot or affected area. It is in this step that they try to identify any indications of swelling or identify skin discoloration. Sometimes, you might be asked to move your toes and feet in different directions for a better analysis. 

Depending on their findings, they may ask you to undergo extra tests before they make their final diagnosis. Some of the tests that you might be told to undergo may include:

  • Blood Test: Blood Test is mainly performed to identify inflammations, infections, or autoimmune illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis. 
  • Imaging Test: A Podiatrist in Montreal performs this test to check for bone fractures, structural problems, or narrow or blocked blood vessels. 
  • Electromyography: This is a measure of how the muscles react to nerve impulses. 
  • Quantitative Sensory Testing: This technique makes use of a specialized computer system to record how nerves respond to temperature changes and vibration. 

How are Podiatric Treatments carried out?

Once the diagnosis process is completed, the Podiatrist in Montreal administers the appropriate treatment. Sometimes, there might be other specialists also who will help them. And severe cases may involve the involvement of the entire health care team.

Sometimes, there might be conditions that might demand a surgical procedure. This can be effectively performed by a Podiatrist surgeon who can fix a broken bone, and treat torn ligaments and tendons, or treat inflammations among others. Furthermore, surgical procedures become a must for removing bunions or correcting structural abnormalities. 

When should you opt for a Podiatric Bilan de Sante?

There are several conditions that you might encounter at some point in your life that will almost push you to visit a Podiatrist in Montreal. Here, we have mentioned some of them:

(1) Prolonged Heel Pain: There are a lot of people who suffer from persistent heel pain. In most of the cases, this can be easily managed by undergoing simple therapies. But if you see that it is becoming unbearable and that’s hindering your daily activities, then that could be an indication of an underlying health issue, which could occur due to an inflammation in the tendons in your heels. The result is intense pain. If you experience that in your heels, you should definitely opt for a Bilan de Sante from a good Podiatrist in Montreal for an instant remedy. 

(2) Pain in an Ingrown Toenail: Ingrown toenail is a condition where the corner or side of one’s toenail changes into soft flesh. This can lead to swelling, redness, infection, or pain. You can also manage the discomfort through home care remedies. But if you find that it is serious enough to hinder your movement, then you should definitely get in touch with a Podiatrist in Montreal. 

(3) Painful Bunion: A Bunion is something like a bump that can develop at the base of the big toe. When you suffer from a bunion, the big toe moves towards the smaller toes. A bunion can result in skin irritation and pain. Wearing tight shoes is considered the main cause of suffering from bunion. A bunion normally disappears with time. But, if it doesn’t, you need to consult a Podiatrist in Montreal.  Also, broken bones or another infection can’t be managed with self-care procedures alone. 

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