How to Strengthen Arithmetic Skills for Competitive Exams?

Mathematics plays a significant role in almost all competitive and entrance examinations. Whether it’s a bank, engineering, government, law, or medical exam, there are always some marks allotted for mathematics questions. Thus, it’s fairly right that candidates appearing for competitive exams should acquire adequate knowledge and skills for solving arithmetic problems quickly and accurately. Aspirants who consider mathematics to be the toughest part of competitive exams should focus on gaining clarity in the basics of arithmetic problems. But, what’s the best way to easily understand the basic concepts of mathematics and prepare for competitive examinations? Consider studying the best maths book for competitive exams! 

If you are a competitive exam aspirant, you must perhaps be aware of the difficulty of developing necessary arithmetic skills to qualify for different competitive and entrance exams.  Solving arithmetic problems with speed and accuracy to get a high score in the quantitative section of the question paper requires rigorous practice, a clear understanding of the subject matter, and confidence. Today, the market is flooded with plenty of mathematics books that include the basic concepts of the subject and numerous practice problems to strengthen the arithmetic base. Looking to avail of the best mathematics books for competitive exams? You may check out the mathematics book collection of popular bookstores on the web as the internet offers more options than offline stores! 

Moving on, let’s have a closer look at some of the useful tips for excelling in the quantitative section of the question paper.

Tips For Excelling in Maths in Competitive Exams

  • Strengthen Basic Mathematics Concepts: Competitive exams are time-based assessments, hence, learning tables, formulas, and identities can help you answer more questions in less time. Memorising percentage-related fractions, important trigonometric formulas, prime numbers, etc., can let you solve questions on Speed & Time, Profit & Loss, Vectors, and much more with speed and accuracy.
  • Practice Regularly: No matter whether you avail of the best mathematics books through online books shopping, it’s impossible to get a good score in the quantitative section if you don’t practice solving sums regularly. For mathematics and logical reasoning, you will have fewer chances of making mistakes if you practice the topics daily.
  • Focus On Weaknesses: Although you may love solving problems on your favourite topics, it’s equally essential to focus on the topics you are weak in. To attain fruitful results, you must practice sums on topics you are not too confident in.
  • Maintain an Effective Study Routine: Competitive exams are all about time management and the best way to excel in these tests is by utilising time in the right way. You should ensure to invest your time proportionately on every topic of mathematics. Doing so will help you get a high score in the quantitative section of the question paper.

Now that you know the essential tips for excelling in maths in competitive exams, let’s take a look at some of the popular and best-selling mathematics books available.

List of Mathematics Books For Competitive Exams

  1. Advances In Applied Mechanics: Volume 47

Authored by Stephane Bordas, this maths book for competitive exams includes incredible advances in various topics of applied mechanics. It covers a vast array of authoritative review articles on topics in the mechanical sciences that can interest scientists and engineers who use the results of mechanical investigations in areas like chemical, civil, mechanical, aerospace, nuclear, and environmental engineering for their work.

  1. Numerical Linear Algebra With Applications: Using MATLAB 

Authored by William Ford, this book imparts practical knowledge of modern computational techniques using MATLAB as the vehicle for computation for solving linear algebra problems. This book explains the algorithms in great detail – all that’s necessary for the accurate computation of the numerical solution to the most frequently occurring problems in linear algebra. 

  1. Introduction to Statistics With SPSS For Social Science

Students appearing for any sort of competitive or entrance exam on social science can refer to this book for statistical topics. Authored by multiple writers, this book is a perfect guide to getting started with Statistics with SPSS for Social Science. 

  1. Fast Track Objective Arithmetic

You will often come across this book spotting the first position in the list of best-selling mathematics books for competitive exams. This book is extremely useful for students preparing for public service, hotel management, banking, and several other entrance exams. Although you may come up with various books during “online books shopping”, only a handful of them cover the essential arithmetic topics. And this book is one of them – useful for toppers at various levels. 

  1. Arithmetic Subjective and Objective for Competitive Examination

This is another excellent book, specifically published for helping students prepare for a multitude of entrance exams. It covers the basic concepts of mathematics to strengthen a student’s arithmetic skills. Moreover, the subjective and objective questions included in the book provide enough practice for candidates to ace their exam.

Bottom Line

These are not the only books that can help strengthen your arithmetic skills for competitive exams. Rather, there’s a long list of books useful for mastering various topics in mathematics. Although searching for mathematics books online can provide you with varied names, ensure to choose a maths book for competitive exams that has maximum ratings as the best mathematics book. 

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