KickassTorrents: New site in August 2022

While the authority KickassTorrents webpage was closed somewhere near US specialists a couple of years prior, another elective site is presently online that seems to be the KAT site.

The sites that we list in this article are impersonations of the first sites. It may not be the first, yet it works very much like the first KickassTorrents site.

Otherwise called intermediary and mirror sites, these cloned sites are refreshed now and again. Since sites permit clients to download protected material, they are generally viewed as complete by programming and film organizations in light of the DMCA report.

A portion of the downpour destinations recorded may not be accessible to you in light of the fact that your ISP might have hindered them. In such cases, you really want a VPN to get to the site. Since getting to some deluge sites in certain nations might be unlawful, a VPN ought to be stowed away from your ISP.

These intermediary/reflect sites are overseen and worked by various directors. Subsequently, they might work somewhat diversely while appearing to be identical.

Would it be a good idea for me to Use KickassTorrents?

To attempt other deluge download sites, there are a lot of elective sites. One of them is The Pirate Bay which is right now the world’s driving downpour site.

In any case, it tends to be hard to become accustomed to another deluge site. So it depends on you to utilize the new KickassTorrents site or not.

When will the first KickassTorrents site return?

We don’t figure the first site will return at any point in the near future. It has been a long time since the site was closed somewhere near US specialists.

Since the space is taken from the first proprietor, the first KAT webpage can return online with another area name. Perhaps we don’t understand it.

About Kickass Torrents

KickassTorrents, otherwise called KAT, is a downpour download site. This website permits clients to download protected programming and films free of charge and draws in more than 1,000,000 clients consistently. The site was closed somewhere around the US government for sharing pilfered content.

Albeit the KickassTorrents site makes reference to that they agree with the DMCA and will eliminate any kind of protected content whenever revealed, the worker never did, so the site was taken out.


The site was established by Artem Vaulin in 2008 and has in no time become one of the most well known deluge sites. KickassTorrents is as of now the 69th most visited site on the web, with a worldwide Alexa positioning of 1572 as of October 2017.

Seized Servers

The site server was seized by the US government in July 2016 and the area name was erased. The evacuations are the consequence of a two-year examination that started when the US Department of Justice documented a criminal protest against Vaulin.

After the seizure, a few mirror spaces were made and the authority KAT gathering continued. This site is right now run by volunteers and is restricted in nations like Ireland, Italy, Denmark, Portugal and Malaysia.

Despite the fact that the site was prohibited, it actually has a great many everyday clients. The fundamental explanation is that numerous clients have changed to other downpour sites or begun utilizing a VPN to conceal their IP address.

While KickassTorrents isn’t the main downpour site out there, it is one of the most well known. This is fundamentally in light of the fact that it was quite possibly the earliest site to offer magnet connections and has a wide assortment of films and TV shows.

Deluge sites like KickassTorrents

Since shutting in 2016, a few other deluge sites have acquired notoriety, like B. Privateer Bay and ExtraTorrent. Nonetheless, these sites are not without their concerns as they have additionally been closed somewhere near the public authority on a few events.

Deluge sites overall are turning out to be progressively challenging to work because of various claims and continuous examinations. This is probably going to go on from here on out, meaning clients ought to be more cautious while downloading protected content.

Be that as it may, deluge sites are as yet an exceptionally well known method for sharing and downloading documents. They offer an extensive variety of content and are normally exceptionally simple to utilize. However long you play it safe to safeguard your personality, deluge sites can be an extraordinary method for getting to content that isn’t accessible in your country.

Are there destinations like KickAss?

While some may not be content with the KickAss webpage shared above, there are a few more document sharing destinations that are presently awesome for downloading downpours.

Best option in contrast to KickassTorrents

The accompanying KickassTorrents choices are very easy to use. Since there are a ton of shared clients, deluge downloads ought to be exceptionally quick.


  1. What are Kickass Torrents?

KickassTorrents (KAT) is a site that gives downpour documents and magnet connections to work with distributed record sharing by means of the BitTorrent convention. Sent off in 2008, it has been one of the most well known deluge sites since its origin.

     2     What is the reason for KickassTorrents?

KAT’s primary objective is to give an internet based record of downpour documents and magnet connects to work with distributed record sharing. This site additionally has client produced content, including transfers of protected material. Accordingly, it has been the subject of a few lawful difficulties from copyright proprietors.

     3     How does Kickass Torrent function?

BitTorrent is a distributed document sharing convention that permits clients to trade records straightforwardly between their PCs. At the point when you download a deluge document from KAT, you are really downloading a little record containing the web area of the bigger record. These deluge records can then be opened by BitTorrent clients, for example, uTorrent, which associate with different clients who have downloaded a similar downpour document and download the records they need from them.

     4     What is an attractive connection?

A magnet connect is a unique sort of hyperlink that can be utilized to download downpour records straightforwardly from KAT. Rather than tapping on a deluge connect, you can just tap on a magnet interface and your BitTorrent client will naturally open and begin downloading the records you need.

    5     How would I add downpours to my BitTorrent client?

There are multiple ways of adding deluges to your BitTorrent client. One way is to right-tap the magnet connection and choose “Duplicate Link Address” from the spring up menu. Then, open your BitTorrent client and glue the duplicated interface into the Add Torrent exchange box. You can likewise move the magnet connected to the BitTorrent client window.

    6     What is a downpour record?

A .downpour document is a little record that contains all the data expected to download a bigger document utilizing the BitTorrent convention. At the point when you download a deluge document from KAT, you are really downloading this little record. When you have a deluge record, you can open it with a BitTorrent client and begin downloading the documents you need.

   7     Where could I at any point view the .deluge documents for the motion pictures and TV shows I need to download?

Downpour documents for films and TV shows can as a rule be tracked down on the KAT landing page. In any case, not all deluges are facilitated on the KAT site. At times, you might have to look for downpour records on different sites or utilize a deluge web index.

    8      How can I say whether a deluge is protected to download?

There is no secure method for telling in the event that a downpour is protected to download or not. Nonetheless, you can utilize different web-based sources, for example, TorrentFreak to find out about which deluges are protected and which are not.

    9     How would it be a good idea for me to respond in the event that I get an infection from a deluge?

In the event that you assume you have downloaded an infection from a downpour, you ought to filter your PC with an antivirus program. You ought to likewise try not to download downpours from conniving sources.

    10    How might I ensure my PC is protected while downloading deluges?

There are a few things you can do to ensure your PC is protected while downloading deluges. To begin with, you should introduce an antivirus program and stay up with the latest. Second, you ought to just download deluges from confided in sources. Ultimately, you ought to constantly check the remarks part of a downpour prior to downloading it.

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