Macintosh iPod Nano (6th era) audit.


Dark the latest trend, and Macintosh’s refreshed iPod Nano is… the new iPod Mix. Alright, perhaps that is a piece oversimplified, however there’s no denying the new Nano’s striking likeness to it’s a lot less expensive kin, the Mix. The sensational upgrade of the iPod Nano leaves it without video playback, a greater screen and practically like the iPod Mix with a touch screen and more stockpiling. Has Apple watered down its Kool-Help an excess of this time around?


While Apple tested Flip-like camcorders in last year’s Nano update by upgrading the Nano as a stopgap camcorder, for 2010 Apple has rolled out a total improvement. By contracting the Nano to the extents consistent with its name (around one and a half inches square and (33% of an inch thick)) the Nano dropped video playback as well as notes, games, schedule, and contacts while creating a 54″ A.L.C. touch screen. stays something similar: The Nano is accessible in 8GB or 16GB limits regardless of whether it incorporates FM radio, photograph wayfarer, and a pedometer.

size and compactness

The Nano is presently a similar shirt size as the Mix, which, in the event that you notice, is a couple of parts of an inch of the Mix regarding impression and 8.6 grams on the scale (21.1 for the Nano versus 12.5 for the irregular). However, Kate Greenery and Paris Hilton should tap out: Both are little, and the thing that matters is begging to be proven wrong.


Dissimilar to their super skinny VIP partners, neither one of the ipods experiences totally its desolate extents. The Nano is marvelous, as a matter of fact. Apple doesn’t hold back on a durable aluminum body, exact buttons, or a solid clasp that never made us really reconsider snatching a $150 gamer coat and running. The power button and two volume buttons are at the top, while the standard Apple Dock connector and 3.5mm earphone jack nearly fill the base. Actually, in the event that Apple had made this thing more modest… indeed, you’d have last year’s squiggly Mix, which forfeited such a lot of usefulness for style that Apple needed to redevelop it to fill the current year’s sizes.


Any individual who’s always utilized an iPod Contact or iPhone — which they ought to be as of now — will be immediately acquainted with the iPod Nano’s touch interface. Maybe Mac cut a corner on the iPod Contact and fabricated a player around it, complete with application style symbols for each capability, four matrices for every side, and the capacity to revamp them anyway you need. Without the “home button” on the iPod Contact and iPhone, clients could just swipe left from any screen to return, or press and hold. You could actually pivot two fingers on the screen to turn the view 90 degrees.

All apple has refined the touchscreen experience to sweet, natural flawlessness, however like the present buttonless miracles, you can’t work it from your pocket or without looking. This will seriously restrict the Nano’s ease of use for sprinters, cyclists, and other dynamic clients who out of nowhere track down that arriving at down to click a button when a melody is unexpectedly playing implies peering down to turn on the screen and tapping cautiously on the following screen, or more regrettable yet, setting the player free from seeing it by any means. Maybe the trade off comes from the way that it has a clasp in any case, taking out each of the insane versatile devices you recently expected to brace the Nano for workout.


Apple has never been known for holding back on shows, and the new Nano’s 1.54-inch show is no special case. It matches the iPhone 4 in splendor and lucidity, and with 240 x 240 pixels in such a little space, the goal shockingly even methodologies the unbelievable Retina show. It’s pretty much as responsive as a bit of a button, taking even the lightest contacts and swipes immediately and with outright precision.

In any case, there’s no denying that it turned out to be no greater than a postage stamp. On the off chance that you’ve lived on this planet for over 50 years, attempting to pursue a text or inspect a nano image will probably cause it to feel like a harbinger of an innovative oppressed world. The text is small, in any event, for our generally youthful eyes, and keeping in mind that the zoom highlight makes pictures noticeable, we can’t envision showing anything we truly care about on a screen this enormous. In any case, the square angle proportion functions admirably for showing collection craftsmanship.


Macintosh delivers the Nano with standard iPod earphones and a sync and charger link. Like most gadgets of this size, there’s no air conditioner to-USB connector, so you’ll need to purchase your own or just utilize a PC to charge.

Different capabilities

While video playback is unequivocally missing from the new Nano, it acquires various other significant highlights from the last Nano, including a photograph watcher, FM radio, and, surprisingly, a pedometer. The FM radio exploits the touch highlight, which makes it simple to focus in on the watch face with a swipe of your finger, however looking at photographs and entering your weight for the pedometer’s calorie counter is likewise simple. Sadly, while the pedometer yields calories consumed in view of this data, it doesn’t offer step alignment to switch ventures over completely to miles, meaning you’ll need to take out a number cruncher in the event that you’re intrigued.

Battery duration

Mac publicizes as long as 24 hours of music playback for the iPod Nano, and episodically it’s valid. Indeed, even with next to no activity from a full charge out of the container, we never expected to charge it in our tests as a whole and the battery pointer dropped impalpably, making the Nano a genuine long-range MP3 player.


Following 10 years of iPod strength, Mac really can’t concoct a terrible MP3 player. Be that as it may, it’s worse to stumble over your own feet sometimes. Undermining the elements of the $150 Nano makes it an abnormal center offspring of the iPod line. In the event that you’re searching for an energetic versatile MP3 player to get your heart pumping during an hour-long run or hit the rec center, the $50 iPod Mix with actual controls is a much less expensive and more helpful choice. On the off chance that you’re searching for a strong player that can keep you engaged anyplace, the least expensive iPod Contact gives you all the more additional elements (astounding video playback, HD video recording, web perusing, applications) than you could dream of for an extra $80.

Envision strolling into a parking garage and seeing a $13,000 Celebration, a $32,000 Concentration, and a $38,000 Horse GT. Whether you go for the modest or go hard and fast, you won’t adore this Concentration. The equivalent goes for the Nano, which falls behind on the worth scale notwithstanding having a touch surface impeccably adjusted to Apple’s bigger gadgets.

On the off chance that cost isn’t an issue, the Nano is one of the simplest to involve and really engaging players for its size. Note that while the touch screen is creative, it now and again restricts convenience.

Undeniable level:

  • Unthinkably little
  • Extremely instinctive touch interface
  • FM radio, photograph watcher and pedometer
  • Smooth and solid plan
  • Long battery duration
  • Low level:
  • No camera, video playback, notes, games, and so on.
  • Contact controls limit blind activity.
  • costly

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