Macintosh iPod nano (6th era)

Geniuses: A minor touchscreen update of Apple’s mid-range Smash streak media player, accessible in seven tones. The double UI incorporates one enhanced for the 1.54-inch screen and another that imitates the iOS working framework on the iPhone and iPod contact. Swipe and tap signals are utilized for the greater part of the gadget controls, while collection pictures and backdrops are utilized to fill the screen with variety pleasantly. Inherent FM radio, pedometer and accelerometer acquired from the past age iPod nano, alongside more than adequate 8GB and 16GB of stockpiling. Incorporates an inherent clasp making it in a flash compact. Better battery duration and volume analyzed than its ancestors; stays viable with Dock Connector embellishments including the Nike + iPod Game Unit. The rendition 1.2 programming update wipes out the requirement for a Nike + iPod unit by involving an equipment pedometer for simple running following. Decisively further developed watch highlights permit the Nano to be utilized as a watch, though for certain useful constraints.

Cons: Feels like an original rendition of another product offering, not a continuation of the iPod nano. Video, game, camera, speaker, and amplifier highlights are among the rundown of elements that have been taken out from the new model, keeping them from being utilized as full or even fundamental swaps for their three ancestors, particularly by clients with video needs. The gleaming new body tone is a lot more settled than the one presented over the most recent two years. The multi-contact screen has only one multi-contact motion, nothing else to make the gadget seriously intriguing. Utilizing the back mount and associating and disengaging a few frills can be a basic test while the gadget is being used.

Body, variety, endlessly bundling

Mac’s 6th era iPod nano has two fundamental stunts to prevail upon individuals – another body plan and screen. This part and our resulting surveys will zero in on every one of these subjects thusly.

As verified in the prologue to this survey, the elements of the 6th era iPod nano are just somewhat bigger than Mac’s second-age iPod mix: a practically indistinguishable 1.61 inches wide, with a marginally bigger level of 1.48 inches and a shallower than 0.35″ profundity. counting the back cut, for a complete volume of 0.614 cubic inches – simply over 0.5 cubic creeps of beat. If not for the way that organizations have been placing evaluates in ramshackle boxes for quite a long time, the presentation here would be practically otherworldly – the distinction, for this situation Apple, lies in the quality and usefulness of the material.

The body of the new iPod nano is made of cleaned anodized aluminum and has a similar sheen as the fourth-age iPod mix that was sent off recently — not exactly as glossy as last year’s iPod nano, yet comparative. Seven tones are accessible this year, up from nine throughout the course of recent years, with yellow being generally disliked and purple our previous number one.

Different varieties have been changed in tone to match the current year’s less great iPod mix, including the recognizable silver, a similar practically purple “blue,” copper “orange,” pink, and nonpartisan green.

Different varieties have been changed in tone to match the current year’s less amazing iPod mix, including the natural silver, a similar practically purple “blue,” copper “orange,” pink, and unbiased green.

New square screen and UI

As smooth and delightful as the body of the new iPod nano, the new screen and UI are the parts that have started the most discussion. With a goal of 240×240, the square screen gauges just shy of 1.25 creeps on the sides and 1.54 inches corner to corner, which is more modest than any screen since the Nano acquired video capacities in 2007. The new screen has a goal of 220 pixels for each inch, which is higher than the 163 ppi on the iPhone 3GS and its partners in 2009 and somewhat higher than the last three iPod nanos (204 ppi), yet not quite so high as the new 326 ppi “Retina Show” on the iPhone 4 and the new iPod contact.

Numbers to the side, the specks on the iPod nano’s screen are minuscule, pressing more into the little space than previously. Seeing points on the new screen are nearly as great as those on the iPhone 4, permitting you to see the UI regardless of whether you’re checking out at the Nano from a genuinely sharp point. With top brilliance comparable to past Nanos, fine art pops with variety, and keeping in mind that message size and separating experience contrasted with the iPhone and iPod contact, Macintosh has made a few for the most part great visual trade offs here.

At the point when you first turn on iPod nano, four principal screens are accessible, and a large portion of them are loaded up with symbols devoted to the things that showed up under the music menu on prior iPod nanos: Playlists, Presently Playing, Specialists, and Virtuoso Blends are in the main fill screen, trailed by Radio, Webcasts, Photographs and Settings on the subsequent screen, Melodies, Collections, Sorts and Writers on the third screen, in addition to Wellness and Clock and two white spots on the fourth screen. Connecting a receiver frill makes another symbol called Voice Notice, which repeats the iPod nano’s heritage voice recording capacities with a couple of minor changes. At the point when you use iTunes to match up book recordings to iPod nano, a sixteenth symbol called Book recordings is made. There is no erase button for images you would rather not see. They simply should be moved to another page.

Six capabilities remaining: iPod sound, radio tuning + voice update playback

As a matter of fact, the 16 symbols on the 6th era iPod nano address a sum of six capabilities: music/sound playback, FM radio tuning, voice recording, photograph playback, practice following, and watch face, in addition to a worldwide settings menu for all capabilities. The main astonishment here is the iPod nano’s treatment of video and photograph content, which we’ll cover in the accompanying area.

iPod music/sound. Ten of the 16 nano symbols normally highlight a similar spot: iPod sound playback or inventory capabilities. Playlists and Virtuoso Blends are assortments of tunes made physically or naturally by iTunes, while Craftsmen, Melodies, Collections, Kinds, and Authors sort your gadget’s tune library by various titles. Webcasts and Book recordings give separate regions to putting away these marginally unique document types, while the last symbol – Presently Playing – consequently takes you to record and plays/stop controls for anything that you’re paying attention to.

Because of the Nano’s little screen, playing music this time is a bit odd: select another tune and the screen loads up with the single collection workmanship, expecting you to tap to see the craftsman name, melody title, and collection name over the rewind, play/delay, and track buttons. track forward. At the lower part of this Presently Playing screen is a little “I” button that allows you to rate tunes up to five stars, and a rundown of melodies from a similar collection.

The subsequent amazement is the way the new iPod nano handles video content. In spite of the absence of help for video playback, iPod nano allows you to adjust and pay attention to the sound bits of video web recordings, which are put away under the digital broadcast symbol, and music recordings, which seem unadorned as tunes. The two recordings show their collection workmanship style keyframes with next to no movement on the Nano’s screen, nor does the Nano show its video content on a wired Apple television screen. On the off chance that you find you can’t pay attention to your main tune or digital recording with the new Nano, relax, regardless of whether you are by all accounts unaccounted for whole parts of the video – a compromise that wasn’t required with the last Nano.

The leftover six capabilities: photograph playback, exercise following + clock

Three other 6th era iPod nano highlights are intended to build its enticement for specific specialty markets: Photograph playback is pointed fundamentally at youngsters and youth who like to impart a couple of pictures to companions, practice following is planned to speak to competitors, and refreshed watch elements can change The Nano is turning into a monster watch face – a straightforward component that could ultimately turn into no joking matter for future Nanos with Macintosh’s next update.

photograph delivering. The prior iPod nanos weren’t precisely fabulous photograph gadgets — their little screens got endlessly better after some time — yet Mac made unquestionably the smallest changes to their slideshow capacities, making the iPod contact and iPhone certainly better — which is great. Notwithstanding five new change impacts, including Page Flip, Origami, Ken Consumes, Break up, and on the other hand Push, the new iPod nano misses the mark regarding its ancestors as a photograph watcher in pretty much every manner.

Watch. It isn’t so much that Mac is startlingly advancing more seasoned iPods and iTunes “mix” includes that third or fourth-level highlights like timekeepers have turned into a possibly characterizing resource for the new iPod, yet it’s when Macintosh President Steve Occupations nonchalantly referenced that The Mac chiefs need to wear the new Nano. As wristwatches, the embellishment business was quickly attempting to foster what is without a doubt a crazy measure of watch tie extras.

While there are numerous ways of further developing the 6th era iPod nano, we truly trust that in the future Macintosh will treat watch parts more in a serious way. That there’s just a single watch plan here, and it’s so basic, recommends that wearing the Nano in this way possibly came to the organization’s creators when it was past the time to get more engaged with the elements to do. Computerized, extra-simple, and half and half watch countenances could without much of a stretch transform a more affordable iPod nano replacement into what might be compared to Macintosh’s Pattern – we’d try and think about wearing one on the off chance that the gadget was a piece more modest and would do well to watch choices. The ongoing plan is too enormous to even consider wearing on the wrist as a design embellishment, however discussing Apple, the possibility of a more modest continuation one year from now is not even close to unrealistic.

Battery, limit, sync time iTunes + what is inadequate

The 6th era iPod nano’s battery duration is one of the features of this new plan. Yet again in spite of the current year’s model’s critical size decrease, which perpetually required thinking twice about battery size, in our tests, the new Nano outperformed Apple’s guaranteed 24-hour sound playback time, accomplishing 33 hours and 19 minutes of ceaseless playback before rapidly blares and goes out. In particular, it does as such at half volume, which is stronger than its ancestor while requiring almost an hour longer than the fifth-gen model and north of two hours longer than the fourth-gen Nano.

The 8GB iPod nano has 7.35GB of usable stockpiling, almost 1GB more than the 8GB iPod contact, while the 16GB iPod nano has 14.8GB of usable stockpiling, somewhat over two times the limit of the lower model. To the surprise of no one, the deficiency of some portion of the expressed limit is because of the distinction in the organization of the blaze memory of the gadget and the space expected for the working framework. In any case, the new iPod has sufficient space for somewhere in the range of 2,000 and 4,000 three-minute tunes at 128 kbps, with less melodies of better length or quality.

What’s absent from the 6th era iPod nano contrasted with its ancestor? Without meticulously describing the situation, here is a short rundown.

Music: Cover Stream, search, and implicit speakers are absent.

Recordings: Films, Television programs, or the video part of music recordings and webcasts don’t play.

Camcorder: Totally lost.

Amplifier: Thoroughly absent.

Photographs: Low quality video yield, no programmed music slideshow.

Games: Free games are missing, downloadable games are not viable.

Additional items: morning timer, schedule, world clock, contacts and missing notes.

Availability: Huge textual styles are absent.

There are other somewhat minor and related exclusions in the new iPod nano, yet what you might see are the entirety of the abovementioned.

adornment support

It’s implied that the 6th era iPod nano is so disparate in size from past models that new cases and other defensive embellishments are expected for the people who need to fold something over it. Be that as it may, cases for past iPod nanos have demonstrated progressively disliked throughout the long term – and a test for designers who need to supplant them consistently – so seeing generally a couple of decisions over the existence of this model is to be expected. Be that as it may, it appears as though Sleeve buttons are now coming and we’ve seen first case pictures from engineers of all shapes and sizes.

Frills with video yield capacity will find that the new Nano offers little incentive for show on a television screen, as examined prior in this survey. The new model will turn out great in many vehicles with dock connectors and line-in based sound frameworks, as well as the past earphone, with the previously mentioned earphone jack volume change being the greatest change we saw during testing.

values and ends

More than the majority of Mac’s iPods – – and positively the greater part of its iPod nanos – – the 6th era iPod nano is an adoration or-disdain expansion to the family, one that sheds such a great deal ancestor’s capacities it’s difficult to stay aware of being serious as a spin-off. Skeptics will utilize its oversight, unaltered price tag, and absence of genuine multi-contact usefulness as motivations to pass on the Nano, and we can’t say we fault them; This will be the main Nano we manage without, and as our certified proposals recommend, we trust the majority of our perusers do likewise. There are an adequate number of deviations from last year’s lower-estimated drifting around to make this one particularly forgettable; Every one of our editors concurred that assuming it had been a $99 model, we would have thought in an unexpected way; insufficient here to legitimize this cost.

Towards the finish of 2010 and into 2011, Mac’s iPod arrangement had two perfect balances – – the new iPod mix for $49 and the fourth-age iPod contact for $299 with 32GB of stockpiling. All that between these models appears to us a gnawing off the imprint regarding highlights or an incentive for cash as of now. Until Apple further develops its midrange, the most straightforward choice is to see last year’s model and perhaps go with or potentially a repaired gadget. In any case, this is the year to join the touch swarm, live with the restrictions of the modest Mix, or partake in the new Nano for an oddity. Apple has never verged on making anything worth wearing on your wrist, and who knows, you could be at the very front of a design development in the event that you check it out.

October 2011: Programming Form 1.2 – New Elements + End

Barely a year after the arrival of the 6th era iPod nano, on October 4, 2011, Mac declared the “new iPod nano” with a “updated UI, 16 new computerized watch faces, and further developed wellness highlights.”

Incidentally, the “new” iPod nano is only the bygone one with minor programming refreshes – even Macintosh’s part numbers and bundling have continued as before up until this point – yet what Mac calls rendition 1.2 of the product ends up being marginally more pleasant ones. Dinge gives an improvement over last year’s 1.0 delivery. also, the February 1.1, 2011 delivery. This was sufficient to give the refreshed gadget another glance and a somewhat higher rating. The accompanying has changed.

Home screen

At first, the iPod nano endeavored to imitate the iPod contact interface on a much more modest screen, giving the client a progression of four symbols all at once, spread across different home screens. While you can hold down on a symbol to wiggle the symbols in general and modify them in the request for your decision, there are simply an excessive number of symbols – devoted buttons for Craftsmen, Tunes, Collections, Sorts, Arrangers, Playlists, and Virtuoso Blends, which appear to exist just to possess the page home screen.

Apple has rolled out two major improvements here. In the first place, the new iPod nano interface offers clients a much bigger arrangement of on a level plane scrollable symbols that can be seen exclusively, with two extra symbols offset to the sides of the screen. Every symbol is not difficult to tap: when it was about the size of an iPod contact, and presently it’s genuinely greater than the iPad’s regular rendition. Exchanging between the two is essentially as simple as swiping left or right. You can carry back the old UI with another inclination choice under Broad > Home Screen called Little Symbols, which flips the past UI on or off at the press of a button.


As initially transported, the 6th era iPod nano successfully proceeds with past model help for the Nike + iPod Game Unit, a $29 blend of a shoe-mounted sensor and a Dock Connector-based remote collector. The symbol called Wellness shows a picture of a common sprinter and naturally shows just two choices: a mobile device for counting steps called Pedometer and History. At the point when you turn on the Nike + iPod 

Beneficiary, a third choice seems called Nike + iPod.

There’s no underlying affirmation of the Nike + iPod recipient’s association with the gadget, however assuming that you’ve connected it prior to beginning work, you’ll in any case be provoked to actuate the sensor. More serious sprinters might believe they should do this, since the iPod nano’s inherent arm or chest following equipment is set off by arm or chest development as opposed to strides. Indeed, even its capacity to precisely quantify strolling steps is impacted when worn on a wrist held along the edge. While opening the Nike + iPod include isn’t terrible, it’s anything but a major change by the same token.


Three extra backdrops have been included in the new programming, carrying the absolute to 12. They are a bunch of covering blue edges, a bunch of purple-blue iPod outline style waves, and a level tone, the last option of which offers the least outwardly bustling foundation. anyway it is incorporated for the Nano.

It ought to be noticed that this level variety changes depending upon the shade of the nano body: dim for graphite nano, light dim for silver models, green, pink, and so on for other nanos. The first Nano model’s two custom backdrops, most with variety changes, are likewise held after the update.

Different choices

There is presently a Rest/Wake button setting that allows you to change the top button to double tap the Following Track or Play/Delay button; You can choose a component with a tick and turn it on with the power button. A gathering piece switch has likewise been added under Music. The radio settings menu has been isolated from the overall settings to remember radio locale determination and an immediate delay for/off switch. Nike+ related choices presently show under Wellness Settings of course.


While Macintosh hasn’t gone as far and ought to have gone with what it calls the “new iPod nano”, the October 2011 rendition 1.2 programming update absolutely streamlined a portion of the harsh edges of the 6th era model’s UI. The recently confined home screen route has been streamlined and made more responsive, the generally insane clock usefulness has been emphatically improved, and a couple of wellness and backdrop changes make the Nano somewhat simpler to utilize from the get-go. These progressions were gladly received, and alongside humble value drops to $129 (8GB) and $149 (16GB), the refreshed Nano procures a level B rating. After our past repugnance for ordinary use, the Nano currently has in some measure sufficient watch usefulness to be viewed as a watch.

Chronicled unique advantages and disadvantages

In October 2011, we refreshed the value, advantages and disadvantages of the first 6th era iPod nano audit to mirror the progressions Mac made in form 1.2. Our unique information is put away here for recorded purposes.

Unique Cost: $149 (8GB), $179 (16GB). Starting grade: B-(restricted suggestion).

Geniuses: A minor touchscreen correction of Apple’s mid-range Slam streak media player, accessible in seven tones. The new connection point mirrors the iOS working framework on the iPhone and iPod contact, utilizing swipe and tap signals for the vast majority of the gadget’s controls, while likewise utilizing collection craftsmanship and backdrop to fill the screen with wonderful varieties. Implicit FM radio, pedometer and accelerometer acquired from the past age iPod nano, alongside adequate 8GB and 16GB of stockpiling. Incorporates an inherent clasp making it in a flash compact. Better battery duration and volume than its ancestors; stays viable with Dock Connector embellishments including the Nike + iPod Game Pack.

Cons: Feels like an original variant of another product offering, not a continuation of the iPod nano. Video, game, camera, speaker, and amplifier highlights are among the rundown of elements that have been eliminated from the new model, keeping them from being utilized as full or even fundamental substitutes for their three ancestors, particularly by clients with video needs. The reflexive new body tone is a lot more settled than the one presented over the most recent two years. The multi-contact screen has only one multi-contact motion, without whatever other signals that would make the gadget seriously intriguing, while the shortfall of actual buttons for home and track controls muddles the ease of use of the gadget; bunches of floating required. Utilizing cuts and associating and confining extras can be somewhat of a test while the gadget is being used.

Our rating



iPod nano 6G rendition 1.2


Restricted proposals

iPod nano 6G rendition 1.0/1.1

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