Raven Gadgets Review 2022 – News, Discounts Codes, Pros and Cons

Raven Gadgets is a website that claims to be the number one retailer for all things gadget related on the internet.

Introducing Raven Gadgets:

In this beautiful world, everything is beautiful and unique. And we want everything just a click away. Whenever we celebrate an event, we find that we need to shop for a specific event. Then we shop somewhere or in one place. But some of us do the same thing online. And if we don’t want to go out, we shop online. 

What is online shopping?

Online shopping is a process or technique that allows anyone to buy or sell goods or products quickly. Users and users can directly buy and sell goods, services from electronic media. Sellers can sell goods and goods without intermediary services on the Internet. And when we want to buy goods or products, we can easily buy goods from the internet. Shoppers are referred to as shoppers and these shoppers can visit the web store from the comfort of their home and from anywhere they want to buy goods. And they shop quickly everywhere. And they can easily place any order while sitting in front of their computer, laptop or other device.

 The world has become a global village and online shopping has become many things and digital in many areas of a country. The Internet has become an important part of our lives and also a big part of our lives that depend on many personal things.

What are widgets?

A gadget is a small machine or device designed to do something useful. We need to order something and sometimes refer to something like a widget when we want to do something. When we offered it was complicated and unnecessary and we had to buy some kitchen utensils like a toaster, kettle and coffee maker.

What is e-shopping?

For example, if we want to shop online, we have the best options for e-shopping. But we can’t enjoy the whole shopping experience with our friends and family to buy stuff and stuff for something. All of these criteria changed dramatically for us. Some people today tend to shop for consumer goods and luxury items from the comfort of their sofas and beds. Also the current covid-19 pandemic situation and this pandemic situation forces us to stay at home and not go anywhere and also live alone. And this pandemic situation also depends on our online shopping.

Online shopping industry:

As the online shopping industry grows and develops, the risks that accompany online shopping also grow and develop rapidly. Thousands of websites and pages don’t live up to their word and are just trying to scam and fool innocent people. Today, thousands of people are victims of scam sites and dynamic sites. We need to be on the lookout and watch out for red flags and scam artists. Whenever we order something from a new website, we have to make sure to order something there too.

Raven widget overview:

These are the best and most popular types of websites and are easy to find on any search engine. And this is a site where you can also read online reviews about this site. And this website creates and shows all the scams and they proudly offer it. The user or users guarantee that everyone will decide to buy a gadget from this site.

This website is in no way officially biased. However, we hope that this Raven Gadget review or guide will bring new impact to our users and customers as well as our readers. We hope this article will help you discover a bit more and share all the related details about this website. Every time you visit Raven’s official website, you should share your personal experience with us. Don’t forget to share your website experience with our blog and write a few lines in the comment box.

How to search for suspicious products on this website?

There are many things and signs that we must follow to determine whether this type of website is genuine or not. First, we should read the online reviews of this particular website and particular product. And we should not try to find other factors of authenticity such as availability of contact information and return addresses and payment methods, etc.

This article will talk about all the facts and figures from the famous website called Raven Gadgets. And this website is a complete target on the list of all potential online scammers and scammers.

 Is the Raven site real or fake? Today we will discuss this website. In this article, we tried to talk and write about some of the features, disadvantages and advantages of this Raven Gadgets website and also wrote a full review about it. We will try to find out if this website is legit or not? And all the news circulating on this site is a hoax and can be trusted.

Who are Raven Gadgets? And why is this website famous?

Raven Gadgets is a well-known and popular website that claims and believes that it is the number one online store for online retailers. They have almost everything related to technology and gadgets for the users or consumers. This website offers a wide range of products and specifically for gadgets and provides online services to its users and users via the Internet.

Fake or Suspicious? crow gadgets:

As we all know, this website is trending on the internet and going viral right now. When users search for reviews on this site, users or users can find some positive reviews from previous customers. Also, they found positive feedback from previous users. But these reviews and testimonials are fake according to the fraud detector. They are not genuine from users and users. Thus, this website becomes suspicious and is a fake website.

Internet Fraud Rating

However, this website itself is a scam or a scam. This website does not appear suspicious to our experts, but the fraud detection page for this website has reportedly rated this page around 56% on the authenticity or authenticity scale. And that’s relatively very low, even when no money is involved.

Fraud Detector

According to fraud detectors and experts, Raven Gadgets is a website that commits online payment fraud. They do not offer their users and consumers the next delivery of their products or goods. And that’s a terrible thing. This becomes an important statement to be placed on every website or web page. And if any claim comes up, it is just a scam and they claim that this website can stop their online business or trading without harming anyone else.

What do you know about the pros and cons of Raven Gadgets?

In this article, we also discuss some of the specific pros and cons of this website and also discuss this website. We are here to give you some details about the Raven Gadgets website. And that’s up to us. And it’s up to you to decide whether you want to order something on this site or from us. A full list of pros and cons of this site can be found here.

Advantages of Raven Gadgets:

The advantages of Raven Gadgets can be seen here:

1: This is the best and relatively old website and has only offered the best quality service for more than three years.

2: Several other trusted websites linked to this website are shown.

3: Meanwhile, this website has an SSL certificate and is valid.

4: On this website, Pinterest accounts are followed by a large number of audiences as well as users and subscribers.

5: YouTube account is also followed by many viewers and users.

6: This website and its widgets offer their users a money back guarantee.

7: This site also provides facilities for convenient payment options and this is available to its users and users.

8: There is also a friendly return policy which is valid for 30 days.

9: There’s also a social media presence and that’s a good sign.

10: They offer free shipping service for 2-3 days worldwide.

11: This type of website also offers 24/7 customer support with a response time of less than 60 minutes worldwide.

Cons of Raven Gadgets:

The disadvantages of the crow gadget are shown here:

1: This website does not provide contact numbers, locations or places.

2: No return address or city available on this website

3: You have several social media accounts, mostly inactive, mostly like Facebook and Twitter.

4: This website does not have a Wikipedia page or answer

5: The website is not optimized for search engines like Google.

6: There are several products available on this website which are mostly offered by other scam sites and sites.

7: This website is almost a big scam and this website has many unreal or fake websites on this server.

8: Despite the fraud and fraud detection sites and pages claiming that Raven Gadgets is a scam.

9: but there is not enough evidence to support this claim or it is grossly wrong.

10: Everyone says it is a scam site.

Trademark and Registration Details:

The serial number of this company is 87771571 and the original registered numbers are Word Mark and Raven Gadgets.

Their current status will be abandoned and their service actions and responses will not be delivered or will be delivered late.

The status and date is Thursday 13 December 2018.

This website was posted on Friday, January 26, 2018.

Your registration number is N/A.

And their sign drawing code is 4000 and also have default symbol sign.

The registration type is Primary and the name of the trademark owner is Jonathan Jean-Guillaume.

The official address is Miami, FL 33055

And the owner type is individual.

Their brand correspondent name is

Jonathan Jean Guillaume.

And has the serial number 18923 NW 52 CT.

And their location is MIAMI, FL 33055.

crow catalog:

This website has various articles and products that they display on their website. And all the products there are clearly arranged. Everyone can easily select their wish list and easily shop for all products. And all products contain sub-products.

1: pet products

2: GPS for pets

3: lamp

4: 3D lamp

5: tracking device

6: Crow’s path

7: Gym and running

8: headphones

9: 3D plug-in night light.

10: Holographic illusion

11: Check out the ALL3D plug-in nightlight.

12: Headphones for fitness and running

 13: All bluetooth wireless

 14: Raven runs headphones

15: FINDER Holder for keys

16: All White Raven tracking devices

17: Pet GPS Tracker

Does this website have a discount code?

This website provides discount codes and these discount offers come from time to time and offer several discounts and promotional offers. And representatives of this site will email all current customers about the availability of their offers and promotional packages. If you are already registered on this site, make sure you have subscribed to our mailing list. This way you can visit and get our promotional offers or discounts on the official site. Therefore, it is recommended that most discount codes only work at the right time and only be used for a limited time and duration.

Last words:

Raven Gadget is a very famous but well known website. And this website is not officially authentic. They place orders from their customers and users but do not ship their products to them.

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