[RUMOR] iPhone 14 $100 Price Hike Might Happen; Models Affected, Effects on Consumers, and Other Details

The new iPhone 14 territory is supposed to be a similar cost as the iPhone 13 model.

Notwithstanding, another gossip has abruptly surfaced guaranteeing that the impending iOS telephone will be more costly than its ancestor.

Specifically, it is guessed that Apple’s cutting edge cell phone will be $100 more costly than the iPhone 13.

Dan Ives, a main examiner at WedBush Securities, said he expects costs for the new iPhone 14 line to ascend by $100.

“We accept the $100 expansion in the cost of the iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max might be because of the inflated expense of parts and extra usefulness of this new form,” Ives said of MacRumors.

A $100 expansion in the cost of the iPhone 14 could occur

As indicated by the most recent Forbes report, the affirmed $100 value climb will explicitly influence the iPhone 14 Pro (Pro and Pro Max) models.

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Yet, as Ives said, the cost of the base model iPhone 14 will be equivalent to the iPhone 13.

Assuming his expectations materialize, buyers could get the accompanying costs for the up and coming age of iOS gadgets:

  • iPhone 14 Pro Max ($1199)
  • iPhone 14 Pro ($1009)
  • iPhone 14 ($799)

Then again, different specialists guarantee that the $100 cost climb for the two very good quality iPhone 14s is essential for Apple’s new monetary system, which prices orders without a 14-month transporter contract at a $30 premium. dollar.

How might iPhone clients be impacted?

Once the new iPhone 14 territory shows up, Apple clients are supposed to confront new cost changes from the tech goliath.

Since there won’t be a smaller than expected variant any longer, Apple says the base iPhone 14 will be the beginning stage for the up and coming age of iOS cell phones.

That implies buyers will have the $799 iPhone 14 as the least expensive choice for redesigning their old Apple cell phone.

Ming-Chi Kuo said this setting will probably bring about clients burning through 15% more to move up to the iPhone 14. Nonetheless, specialists accept that this won’t prevent iOS clients from purchasing the new iPhone 14 model.

Pundits have recently contended that the new iPhone 14 is in a difficult situation contrasted with the up and coming age of Android cell phones.

In the interim, a memory increment is normal on the iPhone 14.

For more news about the new iPhone 14 and other impending Apple contraptions, make a beeline for your tab here at TechTimes.

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