Skullcandy Smasher 2014 earphone audit and its advantages

A great many people are drawn to Skullcandy Smasher 2014 in light of the fact that it permits them to partake in their #1 music. Skullcandy Smasher 2014 are the ideal earphones if you have any desire to appreciate unadulterated what you truly wanted to hear. These earphones offer great sound quality and deal an unadulterated music experience. If you have any desire to purchase these earphones, there are a couple of things you ought to consider prior to doing as such. This buy. A portion of these variables incorporate item configuration, brand, cost, comfort and different highlights that make it novel from others on the lookout.

Skullcandy Smasher 2014

LLcandy Smasher 2014 is intended to assist you with taking your music in a hurry. Commotion disengagement and protected acoustic plan assist with segregating sound so it doesn’t spill from ear covers – a vivid music listening experience. The foldable, molded headband fits easily on your head or in your pocket so you can tune in from anyplace. You can likewise buy a cushion set to customize it. Wonderful fit when you increase the volume without forfeiting clearness.

This makes hearing more straightforward, yet in addition secure. The two ears since it decreases a lot of external clamor that can occupy you from hearing something significant. Joined with Skullcandy Smasher 2014 or Skullcandy Crusher Wired, these highlights are valuable and make the action significantly more agreeable.

Benefits and impediments


Great Sound Quality: The Skullcandy Smasher 2014 earphones offer extraordinary sound quality at the cost.

Solace: Long haul use with these earphones is made simple for you.

Sturdiness: The materials utilized in these earphones are tough, so they ought to keep going for quite a while.


No Clamor Wiping out: These earphones don’t have a surrounding sound blocking highlight, so they probably won’t be the most ideal decision on the off chance that you’re searching for earphones that can be utilized in loud conditions.

Weight: A few clients find these earphones heavier than different models, making them self-conscious to wear for extensive stretches of time.

Folding: These earphones can’t be collapsed, so they may not be as simple to convey as different models.


The Skullcandy Smasher 2014 earphones have an extraordinary plan. They are truly agreeable to wear and have astounding sound quality.

The earcups can be acclimated to give you the right size and overlap up for simple capacity. The headband is additionally flexible so you can see it as the right fit. The earphones accompany a satchel so you can store them securely in a hurry.

Candy Skull Story

On June 24, 2016, Incipio, an organization that makes phone cases, remote speakers, and different extras, declared plans to secure Skullcandy for $177 million. Notwithstanding, the arrangement fell through when Incipio wouldn’t present a proposed correction to the consolidation understanding and Skullcandy ended the understanding.

Rick Alden and Cris Williams concocted the idea for Skullcandy in 2003. The Skullcandy Versatile Connection was the organization’s most memorable item. It was exhibited at the 2003 Worldwide Customer Gadgets Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Connection framework consolidates earphones with sans hands innovation for cell phones. This permits clients to pay attention to music from versatile sound gadgets while settling on and getting decisions on their cell phones.

Skullcandy possesses a patent for Connection innovation that works remotely.

In December 2008, Fortune magazine referred to Skullcandy’s items as “The Coolest Earphones Alive”.

In April 2011, Skullcandy purchased Astro Studios (Astro Gaming). This organization makes earphones for an obscure measure of cash.

On June 24, 2016, Incipio, an organization that makes PDA cases, remote speakers, and different extras, reported plans to get Skullcandy for $177 million. In any case, the arrangement fell through when Incipio would not present a proposed correction to the consolidation understanding and Skullcandy ended the arrangement.

Skullcandy considered numerous different proposals prior to choosing to offer it to Plant Street Capital for $196.9 million.

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