Top 10 Ghanaian Podcasts You Should Be Listening to Regularly

Podcasts are not for you till you find the right one. You should find the voices resonating with you to enter into the podcast. Voices are there speaking about issues that you care about. It might even be the issues being spoken about whenever you are connecting with them. You might even hear someone speaking in your language while connecting with it. 

Check out the list today regarding some of the best Ghana Podcasts to listen to this year.

Getting information becomes easily accessible with the growing popularity of podcasts. The world of podcasting in Ghana has exploded over the past few years, mainly because of the coronavirus outbreak. The whole range of podcasts in Ghana has moved from social to commerce to youth issues to activism. The topics and formats covered involve conversations from around the country and abroad.

Without holding you any longer back, let us check out the top 10 podcasts you should listen to in Ghana.

1. Accra We Dey

AccraWeDey is the podcast for friends hanging out and talking about almost anything and everything-side hustles, music, and many others. Episodes run for a longer period, and there is a lot of banter in Ghanaian Pidgin English, and makes a huge reference to places and people in Accra; therefore, this is the podcast that is probably not the most accessible one for the non-Ghanaians.

2. After the Whistle

You can listen to the After The Whistle team every Monday at 9 AM GMT. They discuss the events on and off the field after the game. It is a sports podcast part of The Gold Coast Report Podcast Network.

3. Decaf 

Decaf is the entire church for music lovers. Step in to commute with them, and the format is easier. There are 4 people submitting playlists of 10 tracks each, and they take the tracks home to study them. They often pick their favourite 4 songs on every playlist and meet to decide which one deserves to make the final cut. Along this way, they argue, torment, and especially step on each other’s toes. 

4. E-Talk Radio

The dicey issues on social media meet the informed approaches with this type of podcast. The podcast is made for greater impact ranging from education on the taboo topics involving sexuality to the issues with national development and how it is implemented over the effective solutions.

5. Free Your Mind

Free your mind is the well-known Ghanaian Colloquialism appearing to let loose and tell it how it is. It is what this podcast is all about, as noted by the part of Gold Coast Report Network.

6. Wona Mic Dey

It is the podcast targeting specifically the youth at the ‘boys.’ These topics are discussed, having a massive range and being approached from every angle, which connects to the boys. These guys speak about politics in a manner that is significant to the youth. They are even speaking about the current affairs inspired by Twitter and their experiences that move through various stages across the Ghanaian adulating cycles.

7. 2 Pesewas

It is a podcast hosted by two good-brained women speaking regarding trending issues. The podcast is divided into different segments, the last of which is the 2 Pesewas segment. The ladies offer their take or 2 Pesewas on the selected topics. These ladies are intelligent, blunt, and humorous. 

8. Sincerely, Accra

It is colourful and fun, blaring its sound along the way. The podcast is an unfiltered series of dialogues informing, educating, and entertaining with local topics. You can check out how relatable Ghanaians are with this brand-punching list of topics from pop culture to the infidelities in relationships to try getting the Accra traffic.

9. Free Your Mind

You can get your opinions and thoughts out in the open with the help of this podcast, where you can talk your heart out are the main aspect. The unrestrained, unabridged, and unfiltered are the best culmination of what you should listen to at the end of the week.

10. Unfiltered 

It is a podcast exploring the trending topics in Ghana, including the economy, policy, politics, minority rights, and several other issues through women’s eyes. The podcast handles severe issues with the greatest blend of outrage, laughter, and irreverence. 

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