Top 5 best restaurants in Marrakech: A must-try!

Being in Marrakech for holidays should be about good food, exotic parties, and luxury stay. Listed as the 9th best location in the world to visit in 2019 by the TripAdvisor community, a vacation to Marrakech should be included in your bucket list. A city that gets more than double the number of tourists as residents throughout the year has a lot to offer in terms of culture, food, fun, and hospitality. A mix of Middle Eastern, African, and European cultures, Marrakech is a must-visit for all. Be it the bustling Marrakech nightlife, delicious Moroccan cuisine, or magnificent mosques and landscapes, the city is a treat for wanderers and tourists from all over the world. 

Marrakech Holidays: What are they like? 

Known as the city of luxury, Marrakech is famous for its exquisite palaces, 5-star restaurants, pleasant weather, rich culture & the Medina, refined cuisines, and so much more. It is a vibrant city flooded with traditions, colorful vibes, and friendly people. A gateway to the grand Sahara Desert, Marrakech has varied geography that includes paradise beaches, vast desert regions, and two major mountain ranges i.e. the Rif Mountains in the north and the Atlas Mountains. Besides the buzzing Marrakech nightlife and the delicious food, Marrakech is famous for the local markets, also known as Souks. One can shop for varied exquisite leather items, rugs, silverware, and crockery that are exclusive to the Marrakech culture only. 

Food, being a significant part of Moroccan culture, should not be overlooked. Souk cuisine is a signature dish that involves self-cooking wherein you need to shop for the ingredients and head towards the cookery table for preparing the most exquisite dish with the help of local people. A museum visit is another key activity that should be included in your to-do list while being in Marrakech city. As an important Islamic city for the longest time, these museums offer great insights into the rich culture and heritage of the land. While exploring and trying out new clubs and the best restaurants in Marrakech is requisite, receding through the local public squares can take you closer to the local culture and vibe of the city. 

Top restaurants in Marrakech 

Of the many things to do on a trip to Marrakech, setting on a day tour of tastes around the red city should not be eluded. Eating out in Marrakech is always fun and adventurous. The food scene in the city is worth exploring. Contrary to what most people believe, the food in Marrakech is much more than tagine and couscous. One can find a variety of luxury restaurants and local cafes that offer an array of both Moroccan and international cuisines. While picking the best restaurants in Marrakech out of so many options can be overwhelming, the following listed are the top restaurants that you must try out for an appetizing meal: 

# Ksar Es Saoussan 

Situated in the heart of the city near the legendary Jamaa El Fna square, this place takes credit for offering the complete flavors of Moroccan gastronomy in a charming composed setting. The eating space is set up in a beautiful riad where visitors can explore the different rooms and climb up to the roof for an impeccable view of the city landscape. The space is adorned with scents of jasmine, rose, and orange blossoms. The menu is varied and you can order from a variety of salads, sublime chicken tagines, beverages, etc.

# Le Tobsil 

This is one of the best luxury restaurants in the city that offers an ideal romantic dinner in the middle of the magnificent Marrakech’s Medina. The restaurant is decorated with white cloth, big brass candelabras, and rose petals that make for a perfect cozy dining setup for you and your special one. Live music and dimmed lights add to the ambiance and get you prepared for the 5-course delicious meal. Make sure you have an appetite and ample time for visiting the restaurant as it would nearly take up to 3 hours till you get the entire menu served! 

# Earth Cafe 

The only/exclusive vegan restaurant in Marrakech, Earth cafe has to be among the list of best restaurants in Marrakech. What’s interesting about this place is that all the veggies and ingredients used for cooking meals are organic, regional, and seasonal that is derived from the nearby farm. The restaurant interiors have colorful walls with an open view of the kitchen. Lounge music and a relaxed vibe are the key attraction of this place. Top delicacies from the menu include veg spring rolls, vermicelli noodles, garlic coconut, and many more. This is a savior for all the vegan tourists in Marrakech. 

Final Note

Food and culture are inextricably intertwined in Marrakech. In a bustling city like Marrakech, finding the best place to live, eat, or visit can be challenging. No matter whether you are looking for fine dining or willing to explore the local taste & flavors, there’s always a choice for you! The above-listed restaurants are some of the best ones in the city that you must try for a delightful treat. 

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