US News Publishers Are Affected by Meta’s Revenue Decline! 

U.S. news publishers are currently being impacted by 

Meta’s first income decreased. 

According to experts, these publishing companies are 

the first to feel the effects of the unexpected profits loss.

The tech major maker just revealed that its Q2 2022 revenue

 was only $28.82 billion. 

Since the corporation was able to make close to $30 billion,

 in 2021, this is a major thing.

It now appears that Meta is attempting to withdraw funds

 from commercial ventures, it believes are no longer useful, 

such as the Facebook News Tab.

US News Publishers Are Affected by Meta’s Revenue Decline!

The most recent story from Engadget claims that Meta 

has officially announced that it would no longer pay news 

organizations to distribute their material on the Facebook 

News Tab.

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“The majority of users do not use Facebook for news,” a Meta

spokeswoman stated. “As a business, it doesn’t make sense to

overinvest in areas that don’t line with user preferences.”

The firm has spent millions of dollars over the last few years on

agreements with American news organizations. These include

The Wall Street Journal ($10 million), The New York Times

($20 million), and CNN ($3 million).

Meta is thought to be spending close to $105 million overall.

As of this writing, Meta hasn’t specified how it will spend the

money that was withheld.

Campbell Brown, vice president of Meta Media Partnerships,

 however, stated that they will redirect their financial resources 

to more imaginative projects.

What are Meta Plans now?

By the time this article went to print, Meta had clarified that

 some news organizations will still get money, enabling them to

 keep using the social media platform to publish their articles.

The internet company, according to Axios, said that about 50 

of them will not have their funding for the Facebook News Tab 


Brown outlined how Meta would prioritize more original content.

This indicates that Meta will invest more money in its short-form 

video and other Facebook-enhancing initiatives.

Recently, Meta apparently intends to demote COVID-19 misleading posts on Facebook rather than take them down.

On the other hand, Facebook is now testing its TikTok-like 


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