What eating well means to me

In the last few years, my idea of what constitutes healthy eating has altered a few times.

When I was in college, eating healthy meant adhering to dietary recommendations and doing everything by the book. 

But it did mean that I had a new perspective on the stuff I was eating. 

I stopped seeing the foods I liked and started seeing simply the nutrition.

I suddenly began to see complex carbohydrates and plant-based proteins instead of the usual Gallo pinto (rice and beans) of Costa Rica.

Then, when I began working as a nutritionist, the idea that a dietician should have a particular physique led me to believe that eating healthily entailed measuring my food so I would know exactly what I was ingesting. I would eat anything as long as the nutrients I required were taken into consideration.

I made sure my body had everything it required for wellness, but eating well involves more than just getting the right nutrients. Eating should be enjoyable because it affects how you feel and because it is a vital component of culture and social gatherings.

Today, I’m taking a new tack when it comes to eating well. I’m much more accommodating with my eating, and I recognize the importance of balance.

Healthy eating now means that, the majority of the time, I make sure to have food from all food categories on my plate without using a scale or thinking about whether my protein comes from plants or animals or if my carbohydrates are simple or complex.

It also means that I may indulge in a little bit of everything, including desserts, fast food, and sweets, in moderation without having to count or measure it.

You can see that it took some time for me to reach the right balance. 

On the contrary, as I’ve progressed through my life’s stages, my definition of healthy eating has evolved.

You may also give healthy eating your own meaning because healthy eating is for everyone as long as you try to fuel your body and pay attention to what it needs.

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